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Did you know, vets arent scary ! true fact!!!! just be brave......

Often, I get asked who my vet is, as I am in the middle of several in this area!

A local vets black listed me several years ago, because I sought a 2nd opinion on one of my dogs, I didn’t agree with them of course, as that’s why, and when we turned up in an emergency they simply said I was no longer a client, they did treat my dog, but it was all very awkward.

But years later, still thinking the vet is very Hitler like and having heard so many horror stories, I guess it was best, because you must have trust, and that, is certainly what most my puppy owners lack


Vets are real people too, sometimes I go in to my practice and see people I know completely change, change into a child, or someone with lack of confidence, become mute and mr bean like!!!!!! and oh my goodness it confuses me.

I Know, vets are clever chaps ( and ladies obvs) , and in their normal sized looking head is sooooooo many awesome things that us non vets are amazed , but they are people, and you acting oddly isn’t helping anyone

Also, you’re paying for your service, and are there for a reason, use your time wisely!!!! I don’t think any vet has ever dropped dead or in fact killed a human on the spot for having been questioned -Why????

GROW SOME BALLS! Ask why, ask side effects, ask for a quote, ask ask ask…… vets are there to help, and if you don’t understand ask questions, if your unsure ask for a day or two, unless it’s a real emergency!

There is nothing wrong with advocating for your pet, learning something and asking what needs to be asked……

( delaney wondering when we are leaving the vets , because we are all chatting too much)

You are, also allowed to say no! crazy but true!!!!! Obviously if your dog is suffering it would be silly, but someone just offered me over 30 worming tablets, because they collect and pay for them and don’t use them, but don’t want to say no to the vet!

Look for a vet that’s good on paper, but more importantly good with your animal, has at least the basics to cope, a table big enough to fit your dog ( when I first moved to Norfolk our old vet had the smallest table ever) any bells and whistles after are great, but what you really need is trust. You need a vet to trust you will do your part too , and you will hold your dog still, you will give the meds on time, and you will be the owner needed

You are , or should be allowed a tour of your local vets , find out if they have out of hours , or if they ship your dog’s elsewhere overnight, ask if they actually stay on site overnight, ask if they can cope with your breed, have kennels big enough etc ….. don’t be shy

Time and time again, people come to me having been to the vets and they don’t even know if their dog is ill or not, pregnant or not, dying shortly or a minor issue, and I just cant see how that happens, don’t let it happen , demand more expect more

Obviously your vet isn’t as good as mine 😉 but if you are wondering, my vets are in crimplesham, called vets 1 and they make tea, short stories, blog , lend your husband work space during c sections, allow you to pace floors , don’t mention your leopard print wellies , call you back , mop up tears, educate, discuss , reason , assure and magic you space every single time you need it, every single day of the year .

They also give hugs, if you don’t like hugs I imagine they can high 5 too!!!!

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