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Did you know, vets arent scary ! true fact!!!! just be brave......

Often, I get asked who my vet is, as I am in the middle of several in this area!

A local vets black listed me several years ago, because I sought a 2nd opinion on one of my dogs, I didn’t agree with them of course, as that’s why, and when we turned up in an emergency they simply said I was no longer a client, they did treat my dog, but it was all very awkward.

But years later, still thinking the vet is very Hitler like and having heard so many horror stories, I guess it was best, because you must have trust, and that, is certainly what most my puppy owners lack


Vets are real people too, sometimes I go in to my practice and see people I know completely change, change into a child, or someone with lack of confidence, become mute and mr bean like!!!!!! and oh my goodness it confuses me.

I Know, vets are clever chaps ( and ladies obvs) , and in their normal sized looking head is sooooooo many awesome things that us non vets are amazed , but they are people, and you acting oddly isn’t helping anyone

Also, you’re paying for your service, and are there for a reason, use your time wisely!!!! I don’t think any vet has ever dropped dead or in fact killed a human on the spot for having been questioned -Why????

GROW SOME BALLS! Ask why, ask side effects, ask for a quote, ask ask ask…… vets are there to help, and if you don’t understand ask questions, if your unsure ask for a day or two, unless it’s a real emergency!

There is nothing wrong with advocating for your pet, learning something and asking what needs to be asked……

( delaney wondering