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saintly pregnancy , but how many ........

We are currently expecting saint Bernard puppies and the games have started on how many we are expecting you can have a guess too by watching the scan here :

I was just this morning having a little trip down memory lane at some pregnancies , deliveries and the sizes of litters and thought id share 😉

Here is Disney, Disney was from a litter of 14 and her 2nd litter she had 14 puppies herself, well via emergency section as she was simply too stretched to push , Disney lost 21kg during the section of puppies placentas and waters , and her waist a week before birth was 51inches , its pretty amazing how dogs don’t get any strechmarks and how their tummy skin goes back really quickly

Here is another favourite photo, im not out of my pjs yet as it was Christmas day and we were busy opening presents, daisy however felt my attention should be with her so decided to have her puppies, all day long!

Heres drew, I worried about drew, her back seemed to really take on some odd looking shapes when she was pregnant, she had 12 puppies a couple days later

Not forgetting dottys litter who has its own blog

Or dora who took on a litter of 16 , ontop of her 3 when their mum died during a section ( if memory serves me right the litter was 19 or 20 the owner said ) theres 16 tiny babies in that crate!!!!

Weve certainly had some stunning saint Bernard puppies and some amazing and pretty useless mums however weve only ever had one dad interested in his puppies, which is odd as he is petrified of little kittens and doesn’t really like puppies once they are ¾ weeks old, he will avoid at all costs

weve also had some pretty odd looking puppies at the milk bar

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