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The Best Head collars for St Bernards

When you take your puppy home , you have full plans of the most perfectly trained puppy. Everyone does.

its quite rare that by the time a st Bernard or newfoundland reaches a year the owner feels they have full control of the dog when on just a normal neck collar and lead, if not before a year not because the dogs naughty but just the size and weight!!!

its pretty clear something needs to be done, most will go off and get a harness, big mistake!!! they will then use their whole body to pull your weight and most likely over power you .

Most Ourfairview owners and indeed a huge amount of st Bernard or newfoundland owners end up using a "DOGMATIC" head collar

you can buy many brands of head collar but for the shape and fit the dogmatic is the one I recommend , it doesn't ride up and annoy the dogs eyes and sits nicely.

dogmatic has a website where you can get a measuring guide , I would suggest using one before you really need it, so the dog is used to it when young.

its also very important your dog still wears his or her normal collar and the dogmatic is attached to the normal collar , because if they do manage to pop the dogmatic off , especially if a bit loose or between sizes, the normal collar will still be on and you will still be able to keep them from harm. you can buy small double ended clip ropes that clips to your normal collar and the dogmatic

Heres some of the Ourfairview gang modelling some

Barney and Bodhi in their DogMatic's


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